Saturday, August 1, 2015

I made hamburger buns!

I am preparing for winter. I have 40#'s of bread flour in the freezer. Also 5 #'s of yeast are there waiting.
I seem to have bread making down pat. I have occasional accidents but mostly I can be sure that the bread will come out.
I am not doing so well with the hamburger buns. But today's effort came out perfect. I used regular flour, not bread flour. I did not use the pricey bun pan that I bought from King Arthur Flour. I did use their bread bucket to measure how much it had risen. Here is the link to the recipe I used:

Don't they look marvelous?

I made a 100 or so of the Disappearing 4-patch block.

And I made a 72X84 Scrappy Trip Around the World. Thanks to Bonnie Hunter for this great pattern.

And I cut the leftovers into useable scraps as I went. Great stash!

Lucky says hi.

Also started a Tumalo Trail by Bonnie. All the blocks are made. I need to rip out two as they are upside down.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Quilt called Mesmerize.

I bought the pattern called Mesmerize (designed by Natalia Bonner) a few weeks ago. I loved the movement in the design.
And I wanted to do it with all those great fabrics I bought from Marshall Dry Goods as a fabric bundle of 17 colors of one design called Petal Flow.

I went into my cutting room (that I do not use anymore) tore 1 yard cuts from each color and three yards of my favorite Eco Muslin. I brought them all out to the ironing board that I set up in the corner of the room. I pressed them all and then ran them all through the Accuquilt using the 2 1/2" strip die.
In about an hour I had enough strips cut for two quilts! From tearing to pressing to cutting. That normally would have taken me most of the day.

I was able to begin sewing without hurting wrists or feet.
And I have been sewing with 1 1/2" squares for the last couple months. These 2 1/2" strips are gigantic.  And the 12 1/2" blocks are humongous too.
My little cutting room is not big enough to place the Accuquilt in it. I have a table that I could set it on...but there is no room for the dies to go from one end to the other. Sigh.

I love the colored bobbins for the Janome machines. First they came out with the pink ones. Cherry blossom is the name. Then the blue ones came not remember the name of that collection. I prefer these bobbins as they are a teeny tiny bit heavier. They seem to work better in my Janome 6600P. Only issue is that sometimes it is hard to see how much thread is left on the bobbin. I go by ear then. I can hear the bobbin begin to be low.

I bought these Fiskars Hexie punches a while back. I then started to save junk mail and heavier cards that come in a magazine. Just one short evening and I had a container full of these hexie papers. I still need to punch a hole in the center but I am loving the fact that besides the cost of the punch, the papers are free!


Saturday, June 20, 2015

One quilt made from too many blocks

I worked and worked and worked on those Idaho Square Dance blocks. And as I worked I had to succumb to occasional bouts of OCD. So when that hit, I made all pink squares, blue squares and green...well you get the idea.
Last night I made this quilt in my dreams.
I dug out some pink reproduction fabrics I had purchased this past Spring at our retreat. I love the carts at Yoders in Shipshewana.  They are flat beds!!! You can pile bolts on them. I cannot resist buying more than I can afford to make the drive and trip worthwhile in my quilty mind.
Anyway, I knew I had made some pink blocks...but to find them took quite a bit of time.
And now that I see that one really dark block it bothers the #$%% out of me.

I had to find them because I had put all my precious little squares away before I used them all up.
They are no longer in the big container. They are is the same size container as the neutral squares are. So sad...selection is minimal.
And I had moved all completed blocks made for the last two months far away and buried deep because I did not want to be tempted to make more! There were more blocks than the Idaho Square Dance blocks in that container. And I was not sure which container I had secreted them in!

And as I worked on those ISD blocks I pulled out more pink squares and saved them. I am so glad I did.  Because even though I made 218 blocks I still needed to make 11 more pink blocks to finish this quilt.

I love pink.
And I love this Accuquilt Studio 2!

Lots of 1 1/2" neutral strips that I then cut into a bagillion squares by laying the cut strips sideways on the die!!

And here is the token photo of my sweet Lucky. She poses.


Friday, June 12, 2015

Made too many blocks...again

I never even checked the suggested layout for the Idaho Square blocks that was on the Quiltmaker site below:

The article says I only needed 30 blocks.
Guess how many I made...218!!!
Oh my what to do...sell them?
XOXOXO Overachiever Subee

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bonnie's Idaho Square Dance blocks

Oh Bonnie. You have snared me again. I have 51 of these beauties made. I exhausted all the 3 piece units that I had made a few weeks ago. Those were Leader and Enders as I worked on Libby's Log Cabin from a Fons and Porter Love of Quilting magazine pattern..

Actually I think I am working on 4 quilts at the same time. They all use variations of 1 1/2" squares sewn into units.
I am working on a version that combines Bonnie Hunter's and Edtya Sitar's pattern. I am not giving measurements as I do not want to break any copyright issues. There should be lots of info on this sew-a-long on Bonnie's Yahoo group and on the Face Book group.
Some units are just anything I pull from the box. Other units are color coordinated. That way helps me overcome some OCD issues like being too matchy matchy. Another group is all children fabrics I find as sorting through the squares. I think I have 101 of those made so far.

Some units are just going to be 4-patches. Some will be 16 patches and others will be 25 patches...cannot see the end of my deep box of  1 1/2" squares.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Working on the Libby's Log Cabin quilt.

I have so many quilts I want to make bouncing around in my head. Also laying around in various states of assembly. I had the entire fat quarter collection that was used in the magazine you see below.
The weather had gotten warm and humid so I turned the air conditioning on high and locked myself in the cutting room.
A day later I had reduced my entire Civil War fabric collection to an assortment of 3 1/2",2 1/2",2" and 1 1/2" strips.

I do have a complaint though about fat quarters. I have never been burned on them as I have been with jelly rolls. What I mean by burned is inaccurate cutting from the vendor. I used all the colors in the Community collection by Moda. I bought that collection, well really all my collections from The Fat Quarter Shop.

I cannot say enough good things about this internet store. Prompt and well packed shipping. Great selections. I had no complaints until now.
I decided to cut all my other fat quarter collections as I was cutting for this quilt. I am a firm believer in Bonnie Hunter's Scrap Users' System. It is a wonderful system.
I was able to get cut from each fat quarter the following strips:
two 1 1/2"
three 2"
two 2 1/2"
one 3 1/2"
total is = 17 1/2" the other 1/2" was for straightening each of the edges.

Worked great through the first 40 FQ's.

Opened and pressed another 39 FQ's and began the cutting...but ran out of fabric. So I measured the FQ and it was only 17". WHAT??? Measured all the other 38 FQ's and they were all only 17" not 18". I was very disappointed with Moda after this snafu.

After the wonderful day spent cutting fabric I moved out to my sewing area and further refined my cuts to the lengths I needed for Libby's Log Cabin.

I spent that day making the Ohio Stars for the center of the 15" blocks. I needed 20 so I made 24 in case some did not make the "cut". HA!

Used up the last of my Presencia thread in my favorite paper bag tan color. Love these cones of thread. I was able to buy the matching colors in 60 weight for the bobbins. It is getting harder and harder to find. And is as $$$ as Aurifil.

Here are my 24 blocks all done. I just need to sew the blocks together now.
I also used some of the other Civil War fabrics from other collections if they matched the pallette I was using.

This container is still full!!!! Many more quilts to come out of my precut box!!!!

And yes, as I cut I am very neat about strings and cutoffs.  Filled that 20 ounce cup! I sew with carpet underfoot so I do not want too much debris. But no matter how careful I am I still have debris. Sigh...I had to roll the lint roller over myself several times during the sewing.

Life is good.

Friday, May 1, 2015

OCD can create great options.

OCD can create great options.

Had to sew today after I had sorting dreams all night. Not sorting thread or fabric but dirty dishes in a huge house where I was working. I was willing to do whatever the "masters" requested but they were my worst enemies for organization of the dishwashers. Then I ended up taking all the glasses from the dishwasher to wash by hand but I was short of dishwashing soap.  Then guests were arriving and the tables needed set. Quite a busy dream and I know how it happened!!!! I woke exhausted and went right back to bed and got up at 11:00 a.m.
I went to the sorting container and happily dug out all the "kiddie" or odd prints. Worked great as these seem to pop out of the stacks of patches. And there were lots of them.

I now have 32 nine-patches of wild and happy prints. And I am still making them. I am also making small stacks of my favorite colors (pinks and browns) and another stack of '30's fabrics.

So my OCD was pleased and my sewing was carefree and happy!